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Join our journey, wholesale is our passion, it is what we do. We are baristas, roasters, café owners and good humans. We are here to support you and your team. See below on what we offer.

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Coffee professionals positioned to help your coffee program reach the next level of success and sustainability. Every avenue of business is covered inside of this epic group of industry pro's.

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Head Roaster/Tech
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Head Operations
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Escape Benefits

Escape is built on putting the planet, people and community at the for front of what we offer. Couple that with being industry focused And a passionate team that sources, roasts and can sort café supply. Benefit from what we know and what we can offer. Let us find a benefit package that fits you.

Epic Coffee

Coffee is a moment. A moment to escape, illuminate and elevate.
That said the journey is complex. From its inception, and every step threw the chain there needs to be values and transparency. We flow this intentionality into every aspect of our business and yours. This commitment means you will have all the data to trust and know our process.


Sharing knowledge is key in area of life. That is why we are always her for you. Whether it is onsite, in our lab or virtual. Basic brew methods to training trainers. We got you covered.


Our tools are everything. Recommendation, service or emergency call out. We offer support our accounts and other alike. Experience and customer service here for your benefit.

People, Planet, Community

We’re an independently owned company who want to see grassroots coffee grow. We want to see independent cafes flourish. We’re committed to relationships and to excellence and we truly thrive whenever our partners are successful.


We love the Escape Bus Beans & our customers love them too. We started our business “Jetcharm Barbershop & Cafe” in December 2014 & have always used Escape Coffee Beans because they are of a very high quality, consistently roasted and readily available. We love the philosophy behind Marlise and Logan’s products in that they care deeply about their products, the environment and the people along the coffee bean chain. Escape use sustainable recyclable coffee bins to deliver their coffee and their new coffee guy, Tom is a friendly happy face that we are always delighted to see whether it be to drop off fresh beans or attend a coffee machine maintenance/repair. We unequivocally give Escape the thumbs up every time.

  • Shaun, Cassie And Crew
    Jetcharm Barbershop & Cafe

We have been using Escape’s ‘House’ blend coffee for 3 years. It has a complex fruity flavour that matches our pastry so well.

The team provided us with excellent suport when we were getting our business started, helping to train our baristas and providing advice and installion of our machine.

They are amazingly resposive when we order and provide great service when we find ourselves in a pickle.

  • Jeff and Rosie
    Billow Bakery New Plymouth

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    My name is and I'd love to hear all about joining the Escape Coffee Community.
    My business is called and we love good coffee.
    Feel free to call us with any questions you have on
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